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Instructional Technology Wiki
Improving and enhancing teaching & learning through technology.
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Leveraging technology to transform education and to improve the learning and lives of students.

Instruction & Technology

This site contains information about instruction and technology for educators in the Monroe #1 BOCES component school districts and the Monroe Regional Information Center component school districts.

Instructional Technology Services

  • Model Schools
  • Multimedia
  • Distance Learning
  • School Library
  • Challenger
  • BUBL

What We Do

  • Assist teachers with the implementation of best practice models of technology integration
  • Provide staff development opportunities for teachers
  • Support the use of equipment and software acquired through this program in accordance to the Co-Ser stipulations
  • Facilitate distance learning opportunities for teachers
  • Assist curriculum writers in identifying technology related resources
  • Support district instructional technology initiatives

Contact Us

Visit the Contact page to get in touch with an Instructional Technology Specialist.
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