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iPad Training - Train the Trainer Part 1

iDevice 101

  • Go over the device, provide shortcuts
  • How to connect to the Smartboard to project and model app usage
  • Creating Bookmarks (library page, school website, resources)
  • Assistive settings


  • Rubric for vetting apps
  • Key instructor resource in building
  • Where to find apps and how to search
  • eBooks and Audiobooks
  • iTunes U App

List of Apps that should standard

  • Dictionary
  • Safari Montage
  • OverDrive
  • Google Earth
  • iTunes U
  • Khan Academy
  • Polycom
  • Infinite Campus or School Tool

iPad Training - Train the Trainer Part 2 ?

Discuss projects, classroom usage, working with teachers to leverage the device in the classroom. Create user group meetings or librarian meetings to share out.

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