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About Video On Demand

Video on Demand offers rich, educational content that is aligned to NYS Learning Standards and Performance indicators. You can view content, use closed captioning, change language, upload video, Smart Notebook files, Flip Charts, documents, audio, excel documents, pdfs. Also, playlist can be created to share with your school building, district, or the region.

~Content that is included in the service comes from proven educational resources such as, National Geographic, NASA, History Channel, Discover, Disney, PBS, Schlessinger Media, and many more.

~The most exciting aspect of Video on Demand is that you can access all of the content from school and home. In addition, students will also be able to access the content and create playlist!

~To access the Instructional Multimedia Portal go to -

~If you have any questions, please view the exceptional tutorials that are on each area of the Video on Demand portal.


Each district will be maintaining the logins for educators, most are using Active Directory which is what you use to log into your work computer.
Make sure you select your school building from the pull down menu.

If you are having problems logging in, please make sure you are selecting the correct school and Active Directory log in. If you are still having problems, please contact your District Help Desk.

Safari Montage Video Player

In order to access Video on Demand content from home or to view content with Closed Captioning and Language options, you will need to download the Safari Montage Video Player. In districts, this has been taken care of. As new updates to the service arrive, you will need to download the newer video player version. In many cases you will need to contact your technology department to do this.

To download the video player for home use, please follow the prompt when you log in for the first time, or, click on this link:


Many of the videos within Video On Demand is aligned with NYS Learning Standards and Performance Indicators. You can search for content by going to the Standards tab or you can search for content and click on the NYS standards link located below the video window. When you are viewing Learn 360 content within the Video On Demand database, you will be able to view NYS standards aligned to that content within the Learn 360 database.


Educators and students can create playlist that are a compilation of relevant videos, documents, images, and/or audio that will aid in learning.

Educators can create playlist for students to view at home that are assessment, anticipatory sets, introductory, and/or part of daily learning.

Please remember to name playlist in a manner that will aid in searching for both educators and students.

We suggest: District Initials/School Initials - Topic - Teacher Name

For example: BOTS - Cells - Pietrantoni (BOCES Technology Services - Cells - Teacher Pietrantoni)


Throughout the entire Video On Demand portal, you will find instructional tutorials that will aid in navigating the system, search, create playlist, and upload content.

Home Access

Home access is new and exciting. In order to view content from the Video On Demand portal, you can access it through the same url http://media.monroe or through the iMedia portal

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