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There are a variety of student response systems that are available to teachers.

Senteo Interactive Response System
Classroom Performance System


Strategies for Use

Formative Assessment

One nice thing about the Student Response systems it to use them to inform your instruction in a positive way. There are two ways you might do this. One is preparing for questions prior to actually doing the lesson and using the answers that you receive to adjust where you are going. This is a great way to see if students are understanding concepts that are often missed.

  • Perhaps you have a lesson that you begin to look at the difference between animal and plant cells. So within a lesson on the types of cells you might put a question in that asks about some differences. Then depending on the answers you get you may have the students discuss with their neighbor what the difference are and why they are important.

  • This may look additionally like the following. If you are working within a class and a student brings up a question, or you see students thinking differently about an idea you can use the student response systems to see what students are thinking about or get an idea of whether to veer off course for a segment of class to delve deeper in looking at a question or concern.
  • Another way of looking at the possibilities for the use of student response systems is to do peer assessment of a presentation. Perhaps you have a group of students who are all presenting their country studies that they have done over the last few weeks. Part of the assignment might be sharing it with their peers. By giving students the rubric prior to the development of their presentation you could share with students that they will be grading each other on a part of the rubric. When presentation day comes you would simply create a question set that looks at certain criteria of the rubric and have students use the student response systems to assess their peers. Once the assessments are in for all student you could then give students an opportunity to look at the feedback for their group. This would give them an opportunity to reflect on what they saw as positive and see other comments that their peers had.

Summative Assessment

Summative assessment is another way to look at using student response systems. I would however caution the use of this too often. Part of the motivation of the student response system is that it isn't simply a traditional test.

What are the benefits?

Examples of Assessments

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