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Smart Response Interactive Response System

SMART Technologies, Inc. has changed the name of the Senteo Interactive System to SMART Response Interactive Response System. The following is a link to information regarding this work.

Getting Started


Before you can use the Senteo Response system, also known as the Smart Response System, you have to activate the software. To do this the first thing you need to do is plug in the Smart Response System receiver and make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Once you have done this you will need to start the Smart Response Desktop Manager by going to Start > All Programs > Smart Technologies > Smart Response or Senteo, and look for the Desktop Manager.

At this point you should be presented with one of two options the first is to Register the software the other is to Configure your Classroom. See the instructions below depending which you you are presented with.

Software Registration


At this point Smart technologies is asking you to register the software, which is activated by plugging in the receiver. The following screen will be asking you for your software key. Fortunately the way Smart has set this up is that with the receiver plugged in and being connected to the Internet you can simply retrieve the code by clicking on Find the License Code next to the license code field.


This will open another window where by clicking on Find License Code you will have a license code appear, which you can then click OK to auto fill the license code box from above. Once this is done you should be prompted to set up your classroom if you haven't done so already.

Classroom Configuration

If you are asked to configure your classroom you are setting up your computer so that whenever you plug in and turn on the Senteo system you will be able to have students login to the classes that you have set up. This is where you will set a name for your class. Think of something that is flexible like your last name, especially because all teachers tend to move rooms at one point in their career.


Click the Next button to advance the wizard to the next menu.


At this point you will want to enter a name for your classroom. Most likely you will want to use your last name. Note that you can only use 8 characters. Once you have entered your class name click Next.


At this point you can have the software turn on the Senteo Clickers.

Next you may want to set up your classes. There are two ways to set up your classes. One is to have Anonymous responses and the other is to create a class and have students login. You can choose either, once you have set up class lists and switch between them.

Smart Response Desktop manager

Once you have SMART Response software installed you should see an icon appear in your windows notification area that looks similar to SmartResponse.jpg. This is the primary way you will navigate the Smart Response system when you are looking at you classroom management.

You will also the SmartResponse.jpg icon appear in the SMART Notebook software as a new tab.

Class Management

When you begin to use Smart Response you will want to be using it to acquire data regarding student understanding around your teaching and students learning. So one of the first things you'll want to do is generate a class list that you will be able to use to collect data related to each student.

The first step to do this is click on the Desktop Manager and Click here to start a class. This will open a Window that will let you know if a class is started or not. You will want to click on the link that says ... To Work with class lists, assessments, and reports, switch to Gradebook view.


At this point you will want to click on the Add a Class link. Which will open another window to create your class. You will want to use a name that describes your class and have to put in a Passing Grade percent. Then simply click Add.


Now you are ready to add students.

Adding Students

Depending on the number of people you have to add to your class and the way you have students in other spaces will determine what way you would likely add students to your class.

One at a Time

The simplest way to add a student to a class is to do so through the Smart Response Teacher Tools. To do this click on the Student tab. You will then see the Add icon in the top left hand corner of the screen. Click on this and you will be able to add a student. This will then ask you to add the following for each student;

  • Student ID
  • Last Name
  • First Name

You can continue to work through your class by hitting enter after each entry. Once you are done you will have entered all of your students information. Now each student can login to a class when you start that class.

Importing Students

Importing students via a spread sheet is the fastest way to import more than a single class. Most school districts have a way to extract the information that is needed for creating a student list. This is usually retrieved from the schools student information system. You will need the following information in the first row of you spreadsheet.;

ID Number First Name Last Name

From here you'd have the student information. Once you have this in an Excel spread sheet (.xls) or a CSV file, you will choose Add students to your class

At this point it should open a window asking which class you'd like to add the students to. So your period one students would be added to period one, period two students would be added to period two, and so on.


Once you have selected the class you will next choose the kind of file you will be importing from. So if you have a class list in Excel you will be choose Microsoft Excel. If you are using an older version of student lists from Smart you can click on the Senteo 1.0 Class list. This should have been done already when you upgraded the software.


When you click next you should be asked to browse for the file that contains your students. Once you have done this Smart will process the file and place your students in your class.

Now when you click on the Students tab in the Smart Response Teacher Tools you should see all of your student.

NOTE: You can download the files in the Files to Play With section at the end of this article to practice Importing class lists into your SMART Response teacher file.

Assessment Creation

The Smart Response system is integrated into the SMART Notebook software. This way you can have questions to check for understanding within your Notebook, administer class quizzes, or simply take a poll, without having to switch applications.

You will notice that in the menu of your Smart Notebook software that there is a Response menu option. This menu gives you the options to insert questions, import questions, launching the Smart Response Teacher Tools, and add a title page. There is also an additional side tab menu SmartResponse.jpg that will allow you to add questions and view assessment data.

Inserting Questions

When assessing students with Senteo Response system there are two situations that you can think about when using the devices. Just in time assessment to check for students understanding of a concept, or summative assessments. These two situations can look slightly different in the way you create them. In general there are three ways you can actually create questions;

  • Using a Wizard
  • Quick Question Buttons
  • Response Tab - This simply replicates the Response menu


The first we will look at is by using the Wizard. I would use this method when I was actually creating question set prior to my class. Perhaps the night before, and without having the questions in another format.

To use the wizard you will want to go to the Response > Insert Question, which will open a window that will allow you to add a specific question type and walk you through the process.

The first step is to choose the type of question that you would like to add. For this example I am using a True False question.


Next you will want to add the body of the question. This is where you will ask your question.


Then depending on the type of question you have chosen the software will determine how you will enter your answer choices. In a true/false there are three choices which you can choose from; True, False, and This is an opinion question. The first two choices will allow the question to be graded, while allowing students to answer a question as an opinion there is no set answer, so it isn't graded. This will apply to all question types.

In a multiple choice question you have the ability to set the number of choices, in a multiple answer question you choose all the correct answers for the question, and in a number, fraction, decimal question you add the correct number for the answer.


Now you have completed the question creation, if you are going to enter another question you will notice there is a button that says Insert Another to add another question. By doing this you will start at the beginning of the wizard.

Once you have created your question(s) click finish. At this point if you have added more then one question you will be asked about whether or not you'd like to group the questions. By grouping the questions you will administering this assessment at once with all of the questions appearing on the Response device. If you don't group the questions you will have the ability to start and stop the questions as you go through the assessment. Depending on how you are going to use this assessment determines which of these options you will choose.


You can also add images within the question whether they are created already or prior to their creation. Remember it is just a Notebook file.

Using the Insert Question Toolbar Icon

When you have installed the Smart Response software you should have had two icons added to your Notebook software toolbar, Insert Question and Start Assessment. You can use the Insert Question icon to add an Instant Question quickly without having to go through the wizard process.

The Instant Question option, allows you to address a few questioning scenarios.

A Student Asks a Question
You are going through a few different concepts, or even have students broken up into groups. One of the students asks a really good question regarding the topic. You want to get a feeling of what other students feel about this or what they see as an answer.
Need to Check for Understanding
Perhaps you want to simply check to make sure students grasp a concept that you are working on and they already have the Smart Response System with them.

To use the Instant Question simply click on the type of question you'd like to have, you will be asked if you want to add the question as a new page or on the existing page. Then you will simply see the word Answer and the kind of answers you might have, ie. True or False. At this point you can simply write the question as you would normally write on the board. By default it will start the question for you. Once students have answered the question simply hit stop and review the answers from the students.

Creating Question Sets

To create a set of questions for a quiz or test you will need to add a Title Page by clicking Response > Insert Title Page. The Title Page links all questions immediately following the title page within one set (a quiz or test). Add your the questions for the quiz or test immediately following the Title Page. Question sets allow you to acquire class data at one time, allow the display of progress it for the class to see. You can also create a title page from the Response side bar.


Launching Questions

The Smart Response system doesn't assume that you are going to actually use the questions right away, so not until you start the question will it record the data. So when you get to a question you have to simply click Start next to the question. Once you hit start your students will see the questions numbers and type of question appear on their Response handhelds. This will allow them to choose the answer to the question by using the keypad. Once they have selected the answer all they need to do is click Enter this will move them to the next question. Once you have gone through all of the questions you will need to make sure students submit their answers, so when you stop the assessment their answers have been submitted to the software.


As you are working through a set of questions as long as a student has logged in it will show who you are waiting to respond. You should see this in the Progress section of the Smart Response tab.


Assessment information

You will notice that in the Smart Notebook software there is an additional tab with the following icon SmartResponse.jpg. This is the way you will access information regarding the Smart Response system information. The first thing that you will want to know about this tab is that it allows you to create questions and administer assessments. Basically you can access all of the same actions as you can from the Response menu.

Where you will really want to use the Response tab is when you want to start looking at student data. Once you have completed an assessment Smart gives you the ability to review the questions with students graphically. By selecting a question you can see a pie chart that shows the how the class has done on the question or set of questions. There is also the ability to view the individual student answers by clicking on the details under the pie graph. By selecting the title page you can see how student have done collectively on the assessment.


Assessment Data

A new feature in the Smart Response software is that once an assessment has been taken under a class the information is a grade book that allows you to see how students have been doing on the individual assessment.

To access this information you will want to open the Smart Teacher Tools and select the class that you'd like to look at. You should see three tabs, the last tab is called Assessment. By clicking on this you will see a list of the assessments that you have given. This will allow you to see how students have done each assessment and as a class.


Resetting Assessments

Once you have completed an assessment you can either close it and reopen it for the next class, or if you want you can choose to reset the assessment for the next class to take. To do this simply click on Clear results to take this assessment again


Resource Links

Two-Minute Tutorials

Check out the tutorials below for two minute (Flash) tutorials on how to:

Create Assessments

Managing class lists

Delivering an assessment

Evaluating assessment results

Hands-on Practice

Managing Your Class

Creating Assessments

Using Smart Response to Administer an Assessment

Using the SMART Response Gradebook to Analyze Class Results

Quick Reference Guides

Setting up SMART Response software to collect and store students' responses

Creating an assessment using SMART Notebook software and SMART Response software

Delivering an assessment using SMART Notebook software and SMART Response software

Evaluating your SMART Response assessment results

Lesson Creation Resources

The link below is to the SMART Exchange site where you may access and download other educators have shared question sets. Click the link to search for question sets in your area.

Files to Play With

Use these files to practice importing a class lists into SMART Response. To download, right click and select Save Link As... or Save Target As... and save it to your computer.

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