Presentations in the Classroom (Prezi)

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Contact Information: Doreen Pietrantoni
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Student created presentations allow for students to display knowledge, creativity, and are aligned to Common Core Learning Standards.

Prezi presentations can be created on the computer or on the iPad. We will explore both options during this workshop.
Using Mobile devices such as the Android Tablets, iPad, iPhone, and iPod in the classroom can allow for:

  • Differentiation
  • Mobile Learning
  • Learners choose learning content
  • Expands learning outside the classroom walls

    The Media-Rich Cone of Learning illustrates student retention in regards to receiving information. The interactive nature of mobile devices allows for students to physically engage with the devices.



    Prezi is a fluid powerpoint presentation that is created online or on a mobile device, can be downloaded, shared and presented.

    Prezi Online:

    • Allows for ease of account creation for class use
    • Allows for students to create dynamic presentations
      • Custom or template based
      • CCLS & NYSLS aligned technology
      • Creative individual or group projects
  • Personal tools
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