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Moodle is an Online learning environment that is web based. This product has a community of support around it, and there is a lot of documentation on the product at both as well as their document project. These are both great places to find information on using Moodle as a teacher.


Course Management

Student Enrollments

Using Moodle in the Classroom

Course Organization

Typically in the K-12 school environment we are using Moodle as a supplement to classroom interactions.

Student Interactions

One great way that students can interact with each other is by using forums in Moodle. There are different types of forums and ways to use forums. One thing that you might find helpful is to use the News forum to remind students of something.

There are some ideas about how to use Forums, the question is whether or not to use just a single forum in the course.

Best Modules


Thinking about Management

Moodle In Professional Development

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