Media in the Foreign Language Classroom

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Media in the Foreign Language Classroom

Today's students are digital experts. They use and access digital media several hours each day. Take time to read the following article about students and digital media Digital access, collaboration a must for students

Media in the Foreign Language Classroom is an effective way to bring 21st Century skills and tools into the classroom to differentiate instruction and engage students.


Effective Practices

Chances are, students are more than ready for using media in the classroom. Not only viewing instructional videos or using interactive websites, blogs, or wikis, but creating video as a way of assessment and expression of knowledge and ideas.

Think about curriculum Think about each unit you are teaching during the school year. Think about how you can integrate video or interactive tools and websites into your classroom. Little by little, you will be able to transform your classroom into an interactive, 21st Century learning space. It is important to think about media's message as well as the integrity and value of the media. For more information, go to Media's Message

Tools for Classrooms
There are many tools available for educators and students in a Foreign Language classroom.

  • SMARTboards - Smart Website, Teq Smart Website
  • iPod Touches
  • Flip Cameras (or other video cameras)
  • COWs (Computers on Wheels, laptop carts)
  • Interactive websites
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

    Video On Demand (Safari Montage)

    iMedia Portal The iMedia Portal allows access to all of the Instructional Multimedia resources and databases. Also, a calendar lists workshops and there is a frequently asked questions.

    Video on Demand (Safari Montage)

    • Log in under your school building.
    • Use the same login you use for your work computer - if you have problems with this, please contact your district help desk
    • You may be prompted to download the Safari Montage video player. All districts have downloaded the player, however they are not usually updated throughout the system. Home Access - you must download the Safari Montage video player and close out your browser and re-open to complete the process.

    Foreign Language Content in Video On Demand
    There are numerous publishers of math video content in Video On Demand. Here is a list of some of the providers:

    Foreign Language

    • Learn 360 (Advanced Spanish Grammar, Why Study Spanish, Reason to Learn French, Great Reasons to Learn Spanish, Spanish Basics, Math Monsters, Fairy Tales, Pronouncing Spaninsh, Some Basic Literature such as Stories about School, Stories for the young, Great Reasons to learn French)
    • PBS (Destinos, French in Action, VOCES II)
    • Search all publishers for cultural videos

    Playlist are a great way to "save" Foreign Language videos for specific concepts.

    Off Air Video Database & Instructional Videos

    BOCES Webmax and the Off Air Database will be combined starting fall 2011! Physical DVDs, iPod Touches, Flip Cameras, Sansa Recorders, and GPS Units will be added to the Off Air database.
    What does that mean for you?

    • You no longer need a Webmax login
    • A quick search will bring up resources from both Off Air and the physical library
    • Quick and easy requesting
    • Quick delivery

    Cable and Satellite programs offer valuable instructional programs. To access the Off Air Database go to Within this database, educators will find pre-recorded programs as well as have the ability to request specific programming. Programming is added to the Video On Demand database when copyright allows or is delivered via BOCES courier to your school building. Please note: we cannot record from premium channels such as HBO and Stars.

    Instructional Multimedia in Off Air Database

    • Destinos
    • VOCES II
    • French in Action

    Websites for Foreign Language Classrooms

    There are many digital resources for Foreign Language. Below are a list of websites that offer educator/student/parent resources

    Foreign Language Language Resources Language Websites for Educators Bilingual Lesson Plan Site Foreign Language Dictionary


    Many Foreign Language educators create a blog to share their ideas, videos, concepts, and work with students and other educators. Here is some information about blogs. For blogging about today's news that is relevant to tweens, go to Tween Tribune

    Here are a few examples of blogs.

    Teaching Languages Blog
    Powerpoint about Blogs in the foreign language classroom


    Information about different grade levels, concepts, functions, class discussions, etc. Here is some information about wikis. There are many wiki resources such as Wikispaces, PB Works, Drupal, etc.

    Foreign Language

    iPod Touches

    For individualized instruction that is differentiated, iPod touches can be used for students to have specific apps that will help reinforce and enhance learning. iPod Touches can be reserved and delivered to your school via Webmax


    In order to use the iPod Touches, you will need an iTunes account. Follow the directions at this location iTunes info

    Types of free Podcast/Apps from iTunes

    Video Creation

    One way to convey a concept or mathematical process is to create videos to share with your students. There are many ways to capture and display video. If you have a SMARTboard you can use SMART recorder, Flip Camcorders are also an quick and easy way to record and play video. Many districts have purchased Flip Cameras or other types of this camera for educator/student use. You may also reserve these cameras through Webmax

    For more assistance with creating media for the classroom, please visit this page

    Video Ideas:

    • Grammatical concepts
    • Presentation of classic literature
    • Debates
    • Fluency
    • Book Reviews
    • Historical Events
    • Historical People
    • Poetry Slams
    • Plays
    • Spelling
    • PSA
    • Student work

    Please visit the following pages to explore video creation processes.

  • SMART Notebook
  • Microsoft Movie Maker
  • iMovie
  • Media Creation for Instruction

    Videos can be shared via educator websites, Video On Demand (Safari Montage), district websites, teacher blog or wiki
  • Personal tools
    Technology Services
    Wiki Help