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Since there are so many different types of mp3 players it made more sense to make this page in regards to using the iPod, this is the only one that I have had at this point, but who knows what others have to contribute.


The iPod is an mp3 player that had evolved over the last 4 years. There are at this time 5 different generation of the iPod and two basic types. Those that use what is know as solid state memory, this is similar to how a thumb drive works. The other type is a hard drive based storage. There are 5 generations of the iPod. When you are working with them this is good to be aware of in light of the small differences between connections.

Basic Functions

What is better than having an iPod? Finding out about cool new functions, of course! The iPod has become a major trendsetter over the past few years.

With each generation of iPod, the designs excite and amaze us and superior amounts of gigabits generate more downloading power. It is now possible to download extreme amounts of music and vidoe. But there may also be some awesome new iPod functions you do not know about yet!

Sansa MP3 Recorder

Monroe #1 BOCES has Sansa MP3 recorders available to loan to schools for use during learning experiences. These recorders are excellent for recording class sessions, conducting interviews as well as for listening to podcasts.

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