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Kidspiration is a graphical organizational (mind mapping) tool for working with ideas and teaching younger students how to think and how to learn. Kidspiration is similar tool to Inspiration but is targeted towards a younger students.


Why a Mind Map?

Activities where students visually sort, organize or display ideas is a powerful way for students to reach new understandings. Here are a few ideas to get you started mind mapping with your students:

Concept Mapping

rightUsing Story Cues Activity
Concept maps are great for formative and summative assessments alike. Students can map out their knowledge and/or understanding around a particular concept or topic. Concept maps that are works in progress reveal student growth and gaps in understanding as well as provide a foundation for links to future learning.
  1. Form a small group (approx. 3 people)
  2. Think about the concept of an ecosystem.
  3. Open Kidspiration, Select Picture.
  4. Enter "Ecosystem" as the main idea
  5. Add your groups ideas, concepts or topics about ecosystems
  6. Insert links where ideas are related.

Design Rubrics

Making rubrics can be difficult and they may not be fun. Why not spruce your rubrics up by using Kidspiration to graphically depict student expectations?


You can find many activities on the Kidspiration Downloadables website. The following ideas are just a small portion of what is available.

  • Using Story Cues
  • Reading Reflection
  • Impact of Exploration
  • Equivalent Fractions
Start Screen in Kidspiration

Getting Started

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