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What is Apple iPhoto?

Apple iPhoto
iPhoto is one of the default applications in iLife suite of software that ships with Apple computers. iPhoto is great for photo organization, quick photo editing as well as creating projects to share your photos with others. To open iPhoto you will want to double click on your Hard drive icon
, then click on the Applications icon along the left hand side of the window. Looking through your list of icons you will see one titled iPhoto. By clicking on this icon you will open iPhoto which will start by showing you a list of images that you have recently imported. iPhoto is set up to import information directly from you camera and place them into the sorter. You can also import photos into iPhoto, this makes sense for creating stories with photos.

Acquiring Photos

In order to begin, you'll need a set of pictures that will tell the story. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you are writing your photographic novel, how can you tell your story with pictures? While working with students on a topic you will likely want to focus on a set of pictures with them.
Apple iPhoto Tutorial
Check out this Apple iPhoto movie for a visual of how to import photos from a camera.

For example. when working with students learning about The Civil Rights Movement, having them tell the story of the political, social, and economic impact of the movement collecting photos related to civil rights might help students relay this story. Several reasons exist to suggest that you refrain from simply allowing students to search the web for pictures. One, you never know what what might turn up. Many web searches are vast and general allowing photos that may be questionable to be discovered. Two, searches often lead students to be distracted by what they find and waste valuable class time. Three, copyright compliance is a growing concern for schools. Try your best to use copyright friendly images and photos when creating projects. Of course, if you or your students took the photos, you need not worry about copyright.

Once a pool of pictures is created you will want to place them somewhere accessible by students so that they can pick and choose the images they would like to use. When importing photos, iPhoto will, by default, import any photos and images into the Library. This will show all the photos that are available for students to use on the computer.

Organizing Photos

Once you have imported the photos into your library the next step is organizing your photos to create your final project. One of the easiest ways to organize your photos within iPhoto is to create a New Album

Creating Albums

You will likely want to have students create their own album for their photos. To create other albums click on the + in the bottom left hand corner of the iPhoto window.

When the dialog box pops up name the new album. The new album appear in the Source list on the left hand side of the screen. Once students have their own album they can easily import the pictures that they would like by going to File > Import to Library. This will open a file browser where they can import the images that they need into their own album. It is also easy to import a large number of photos by importing an entire folder.

Starting a Digital Story

Apple iMovie
Once photos for a story are organized, you will need to open up Apple's iMovie application similar to how you opened iPhoto. Using iMovie you will begin to build your story by rearranging your photos, adding transitions, titles, music and narration. Visit Apple's Education site for samples of digital storytelling created by a student using iMovie.

Please visit the iMovie article to learn how to use iMovie to create digital stories.


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