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Flickr is a widely used online photo sharing web site where you can upload, share and access photos from other users in the Flickr community. Because of its wide use, there are millions of photos, graphics, charts, graphs and videos that are available for you to view. Many of these media resources have a Creative Commons (CC) licensing applied to them. CC licensing offers several layers of licensing from all rights reserved to options where anyone can use, share and build upon the work for their own use.

Flickr Accounts

Flickr offers a free account with limited uploads (2 videos and 100MB of photos) per month. Learn more. Flickr Pro allows unlimited uploads, storage, sets, collections, stats, ad-free browsing and HD video playback for HD video uploads. Flickr is owned by Yahoo! so if you have a Yahoo! ID you can use that to login to Flickr. Yahoo! Photos so if you already have photos on Yahoo! Photos. If you do not have a Yahoo! ID click the Create Your Account button to begin.

Photos for Learning

Visual images can be a powerful way to engage and empower learners to explore new concepts. Take math, for instance, Dan Meyer uses images to present concepts to his remedial math students. Rather than posing a word problem for students to engage in, he displays a graphic or photograph for students to inquire about. Check it out here.

Search Photos

To search for photos using the Search box in the upper right hand corner of the Flickr page. Flickr Storm is a website used to search and download Flickr photos based on tags Flickr Storm. Flickr Storm has an advanced search that allows users to search for photos under Creative Commons license.

Content Types & Filtering

When uploading content to Flickr, users are asked to specify a Content Type it is, as well as to set a Safety Level. With any web site, there's an inherent risk to drudging up some content that's not appropriate or related to the learning experience you are designing. To curb this, Flickr has added a SafeSearch setting for searching content.

Flickr's SafeSearch allows users to search content on the site "that is safe for a global, public audience."
To set the SafeSearch setting, login to Flickr and click your username (i.e. - BrianCSmith) in the upper right, click the Privacy & Permissions tab, scroll to the Content Filtering section and click edit. Select the SafeSearch button and click Save Changes.

Extending Flickr

Below are a few tools to help make using Flickr easier and more dynamic.

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