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FitnessGram is a fitness assessment used in health and physical education curriculums that measures student fitness levels. Often several assessments are performed over the course of a school year. The program generates a useful report called a FitnessGram that can be printed and shared with students, parents and adminstrators.

This article relates to FITNESSGRAM 8.0, some features and documentation may differ from earlier versions.



To begin, click Start > Programs > FitnessGram 8 Teacher. This will launch the login screen seen below.

Login Screen

Changing Passwords

Upon first login you will want to change your password to something more secure and easy for you to remember. Click on the Teacher icon and follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the Teachers icon
  2. Scroll to and highlight your name by clicking on it
  3. In the password field delete the existing password and enter your new password

School Admin Users (FitnessGram Coaches)
If you have School Admin permissions you can reset users passwords. If you need to do so, choose a password that is generic for this process (i.e. - p4ssw0rd) and email each user to inform them of a the password reset with the new password and instructions to change their password (Hint: you could simply include a link to this page).

Teacher Screen

If you are running the network version of the FitnessGram software your teacher login should already be created and your login information should have been sent to you. If this has not been setup for you, contact your network administrator, FitnessGram Coach or technology department. With FITNESSGRAM 8.0 the System Administrator will need to add a teacher to the system. Once your teacher account is established and you login, you may edit your login information. It is strongly recommended that you change your password upon your first login.

Teacher Screen

Class Screen


Before setting up your classes, think about how your classes are group or organized. When adding classes be sure to plan for easy movement of students from class to class. Organizing students by teacher, homeroom, grade or class periods/blocks may help. Keeping a similar naming structure between teachers in a school and schools within a district is helpful and encouraged. Be sure to add a year (i.e. - 06-07) in the naming structure for indentification later.

Class Screen

Student Screen

There are two ways to enter student data in FitnessGram manual input or using the import process. If you are using the network version of FitnessGram your system administrator may have run the process to import student information. Students who are new to a district or school should be input manually into FITNESSGRAM.

Student Screen

Moving Students

FITNESSGRAM 8.0 allows teachers (depending on their level of access) to move students between classes, teachers, and schools within a district. This is convenient for programs that rotate class assignments each semester or quarter. To start moving students on the menu click Utilities > Move Students. The Move Students window will appear. It is a good idea to have a class list nearby to reference when moving students between teachers, classes or schools. As with any data entry, be sure to double check that your changes are correct. It is also possible that other teachers can move a student from your class into theirs by mistake.

Moving Students

Follow these steps to move students to new classes, between teachers or to a new school:

  1. Be sure to have hard copies of the new class lists to work from while moving students.
  2. Notice the two columns of information to work with. When moving students you will be working from from one column to the other by using the Move >> and Move << buttons located at the bottom of the window. Typically, working from the left column to the right column reduces confusion.
  3. Locate the student to be moved by school, teacher, and class in the left column and set the right column for the new school, teacher or class assignment.
  4. To select multiple students in a series, hold the shift key down and click on the first and last students in the series.
  5. To select multiple students not in a series, hold the Ctrl key and click on each student you would like to move.
  6. For easy reference of students to be moved you can sort the list by last name, first name, and grade.
    • To highlight all students in the list box click Select All.
    • Use Clear Selection to unselect all students selected.
  7. To finish moving students, click Done.

Adding Students

If you need to add a new student into your class, first verify that their name is not in the system before you add it. Duplicates can cause many headaches.

To determine if a student is in the system, click on the Students icon and select All under both the Teacher and Class fields. Scan this list for the student name before adding to the system. If the name is not present, procede to add the student with the following steps.

To add a student:

  1. Click on the Teacher name
  2. Select the correct Class
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter all student information including Student Number.

Tip: If some student data is missing or you do not have access to it, check with your school's student management system software or the person overseeing student data. Click Ok when you are finished.

Adding a Student



Before you add a test event, make sure all of your students have been entered into the program and that all data has been entered (i.e. - such as gender, grade, and birthdate).

Adding FitnessGram Tests

Adding FitnessGram Tests is important as they contain the scores in which all data is collected, stored and analyzed within FitnessGram. Before adding a test, consider the name of the test and make it identifiable by date or school level(i.e. - ES, MS, or HS).

  1. Click the FitnessGram icon
  2. Select Teacher
  3. Select Class
  4. Click the Add button to add a new test
  5. Repeat for each class you teach
Add FitnessGram Test
Step 1 - Basic Information
Enter the name of the test event and the date. Use a name that will identify the test (i.e. - Fall HS 2008).
Step 2 - Select if appropriate
Print Body Composition
Print FG Report in Spanish
Lock this Test
If you students will be entering their test scores via FITNESSGRAM 8 Student, then check this box after they have entered their scores. This feature prevents students from changing their test once they have submitted scores and logged out of the program.
Step 3 - Organize Your Test Event
You can select the fitness tests to align with your assessments and organize them how you would like them to appear on the scores grid. By default, if no tests are checked all tests will appear on the scores grid. All student info will be on the scores grid.

Entering FITNESSGRAM Scores

To add test scores, click on the FITNESSGRAM icon, select the appropriate test and click the File:FG-scores.jpg button on the screen.

Entering Scores for FITNESSGRAM

  1. The grid displays the student names and columns for each selected test item.
  2. The last columns on the grid display the grade, gender, and birthdate for each student. If this information has not been entered prior to entering test scores, then you can enter this information via the scores grid or on the student Details screen. Remember, a student FitnessGram report cannot be generated without this information.

Be sure to check the data carefully upon completion of each entry.

Height & Weight – These columns are used to determine Body Mass Index and VO2 max scores for the aerobic capacity tests on the FitnessGram report.
One mile run – This test item is in two columns for minutes and seconds.
Walk Test – This test item uses three columns for minutes, seconds, and heart rate. Note that the primary score for the Walk Test is a score reflecting VO2 max and not time for the test.
Flexibility items (Sit-and-Reach and Shoulder Stretch) each use two columns to enter scores for both the left and right sides.
Body Composition
Body Mass Index: For this test item, enter in the student’s height and weight. The score ;will be calculated on the FG report and not in the scores grid.
Skinfolds: Enter the calf and tricep skinfolds in the appropriate columns. The total percent ;body fat is automatically calculated in the % Body Fat column if you also selected this item when creating a test.
% Body Fat: If you have a calculated score from another source, enter it in this column.

Generating Reports

To generate student FitnessGram Reports:

  1. Click on the appropriate FitnessGram test as in the steps above for entering student test scores
  2. Click the Print FitnessGrams button

You may choose to save .pdf versions of these reports in a secure network folder for easy access for emailing, sharing with students or parents, or for printing copies to hand to students.

Parent FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions from Parents recycled glass countertops

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