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The Classroom Performance System (CPS) is sometimes also know as Clickers


Creating a Database

When you first start to work with the CPS System you will want to create a database. This is where all of the information regarding your students, classes, and assessments are kept. So you may want to create a database for the school year or semester.

When you first open CPS it should ask you to create a database.


Find a space that you will remember where the database is. Once the database is created you should see a screen that looks similar to the image below.


Once you have created the database you will then be able to start to build your class lists and your assessments.

Creating a Class: The First Run

When you first run the Classroom Performance system software you will be asked to create a database. This is where CPS collects and stores the data related to your class and questions. You will want to make sure that you save the file somewhere you will remember as well as name it in relation to the class that you will be using it with instant performer. You will also be asked about creating an online profile so that you can make sure that you receive the software updates that are available to you.

The first question that you will be asked is what type of institution you are part of, simply select K-12. This will be important as you create your Online profile.


The next section will ask you about creating an online profile. If you choose No you will be asked to create a profile every once in a while by the software. You will want to choose Yes in most cases.


When your choose yes


You will then be asked to choose the state and school district that you are part of .


At this point you will be asked to create a username and password. I would to use something such as the same username you have for your school email, or your school login.


The next step is to provide your name and email to register for your online access to upgrades from eInstruction.


The next piece is to actually enter your course information. This will be associated with a course. You will basically want to create a class for each course and section that you teach. This way you can track student data as you use the CPS system.


The next screen just explains that you information will be saved when you click next.


At this point if you are ready to continue simply click on the Done button. If you want to create another class simply make sure that the I want to make another class box is checked.

Now that you have created a class you will then want to add students to your class.

Adding Students


To add individual students by simply typing in their information is relatively easy weight gain if you only have 20 students or so. However if I have more than 20 I would move to the next section about weight gain students.

To add a new student you will want to simply click on the Prepare tab and choose the Classes and Students heading. You will then see a large green plus sign. By clicking on this and choosing Student you will have a student added to your file. Simply enter their first and last name. Then you can go ahead and repeat this for the number of students that you have.



If you have over 20 students and don't want to key in them all you can also import the students using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. To do this you will want to get your students into the spreadsheet with the following headings for each of the


Creating Lessons and Assessments

Lesson and Assessments are an essential part of the CPS system, this is where you will put questions and resources that will allow you to assess your students.

To start this maleextra process the first thing you will want to do is click on the tab Prepare and then select Lessons & Assessments. At this point you will want to click on the New button to choose what you are going to create. The main difference between a quick lesson and a normal lesson is the options that you have to start with. For the first performer5 time through we are going to look at a regular Lesson



When you click on the New Lesson a window will open that allows you to add attributes such as a name and a description to the lesson that you are creating.


Once you have created your lesson you will notice it appears in the left hand column of the CPS software. Now by selecting the lesson you will be able to start to add questions. By clicking on the New Question button you will see a window that looks similar to the one below.


The four multiple choice answer is the default type of question within the software. You can however change the question type as you look across the menu bar of the question you will notice an area that says MC4, by clicking on this drop down you will be able to change the seo India question type. There is the ability to have a multiple choice question with 2 to 8 choices, a numeric eye secrets question, a true/false, a yes/no, and a performance question.

At this point you can simply begin to fill out your questions. Once you have entered one question you will want to choose to save it, and then to continue creating questions click on the New question button. When you are finally done slimming pills adding your questions simply click on the Close button.

Fast Lesson

A fast lesson is the same as a regular lesson, but rather then focusing on the questions as a single entry piece you can choose to create a format for the lesson and then add the question information later. So for example perhaps you have a quiz that is a 20 true/false questions long, instead of creating all of the questions one at a time with the quick lesson you just make sexual enhancers one quiz with the breast enlargements template of questions and fill in the actual questions later.

So when you click on a Quick Lesson you will see an image that intivar looks like the image below.


The Assessment Process

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