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Bridgit Software is used in conjunction with SMARTBoard Notebook Software. Bridgit conferencing software provides a quick, easy and effective way to share voice, video and data over the Internet.

In three easy steps, you can interact with colleagues and students using any presentation or application you have running on your desktop or SMART Board interactive whiteboard. As well, participants can join your meeting through a simple e-mail invitation – no installation required, which is ideal for those who don’t have administration rights to install software on their computers.

  • Desktop Sharing
  • SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Integration


Desktop sharing
Share desktops instantly and alternate desktop control with ease. As well, several people can write over information on a shared desktop at the same time.
Integrated audio and video
View video from as many as four participant sites. The built-in VoIP feature allows participants to be heard without the need for an additional audio conference bridge.
SMART Board interactive whiteboard integration
If you already have a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you can write directly into open Meeting Pro or Notebook files.
Firewall compatibility
The software is designed to work with corporate firewalls, which makes it simple to set up a conference because no special configurations are required.

How To

In order to use Bridgit, your district must belong to the Distance Learning CoSer and you need to "reserve" the time and date you would like to use Bridgit.
Reserve Bridgit:

  • Go to
  • If you do not have an account, please create one
  • Select Create in the My Tools area
  • Select Event
  • Title the Event in the following method - Bridgit - School District - Number of Seats (computers) - Class

(please note seat means number of computers who will be shared, in most cases, this is 2)

  • Select Event Type from pull down menu, in this case Bridgit
  • Add date and time
  • Select grade level and subject area
  • Add a brief description of event
  • Select Save

To use Bridgit Software, open the Smart Notebook software or select the Smart Icon in the bottom of your computer screen (see image)

‎ and select Instance Conference
  • The conference must be configured, please contact the BOCES help desk at 585-383-2217 for the BOCES server name and password
  • Once you have the server name, select Share My Desktop
  • The software will be opened and you will be prompted for the password that the BOCES help desk has provided
  • The Create Conference window will appear and you can create the meeting name. You do not have to create a password. If the field is already filled out, you can delete it. Select OK
  • Share the conference name with the location you will be collaborating with and they will select the Join a Conference button to connect.

Using Bridgit

Bridgit can be used to share desktops and collaborate. There is a tool bar that will allow you to write on the Smartboard and share the information.<be>


The toolbar allows the person running the conference to either have all control over the conference or share tools and desktops.

  • Please note we do not suggest you use a webcam or the microphone at this time. If there is an immediate need for the microphone, it is best to use one that is a USB type of microphone
  • There are different tools such as the pen, highlighter, ect. Students and teachers can also use the pen from the tray on the Smartboard. This allows for sharing and collaborating.
  • When Enable Remote Control is selected, the other desktop can be access
  • For further technical help contact the BOCES help desk or visit the Smarttech website at

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