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Getting Started

Before you can use Adobe Connect you need to have a username and password created. Then by going to the Connect server link in your web browser you will see a login window.



Enter your username and password, and click Login. This will then bring you to your start page. Before going further you will want to make sure that your computer has all the right requirements to either host or participate in a meeting. To do this you will want to click on the link at the left under the Learn Menu called Getting Started. This will open a new page for you where you can click on the Test computer link, this will open another page where a four step check will take place, and let you know if you ned to install any additional software, or if you Internet connection is too slow.


Now that you have tested your computer you know that you are ready to host/ participate in the meeting. Sending participants a link to this page in the meeting invite is also a good idea when hosting a meeting, so that you don't have to trouble shoot during your meeting time.

Now that you have your computer set up you can begin to create meetings and prepare resources for you meetings.

Meeting Host

As a meeting host you can create meetings, add content, invite participants to a meeting on the Adobe Connect server.

Creating Meetings

There are a few steps to create a meeting within Adobe Connect. The first is to login by going to your Adobe Connect Server. Once you are logged in you should see a screen that gives you the option to create a New Meeting. By clicking on this you will be first taken to a screen that asks when you would like to host the meeting.

You will have to fill out a simple form with the title of the meeting and the language, the other information is completely optional.


Though some of the information is optional it will be helpful to put this information together for participants such as the time, perhaps a summary of what will occur, as well as if it needs to have additional information such as a phone conference number.

The next step is to add the participants that you would like to participate in the conference. The nice thing about connect is that you can add people from either a given list of connect users or add your own set of users.


Once you have your list of participants you will want click Next which will take you to a summary of your meeting. From here you can send invitations to your meeting. If you want to be able to have people join the meeting that aren't in your list within the Connect Server, but don't necessarily want to add them to Connect if you meeting is open you can send them an email with a link to the meeting.


Once you have clicked Finish you will be taken to your meeting information screen, this will show you the meeting that you just created. You can simply enter the room by clicking on the Enter Meeting Room button. This will launch the room for you.

Facilitating a Meeting

Preparing for the Meeting

When you are first starting out having someone joining your meeting that may have never used an online meeting environment you may want to help them by sharing the link to test their computer and connection. This way you begin to eliminate the trouble shooting that you will need to do. You may also want to offer a short introduction to the meeting environment at the beginning of your formal meeting (add some time for this at the beginning).

Working Within the Meeting

As the meeting host you have quite a few options to manipulate the room so that it fits the situation of the meeting. When you first open a meeting as a host you will have a few menu options across the top, as well as quite a few buttons to change the settings below. Since Connect is running in a flash based environment, it allows for parts of the environment to be manipulated.


Trouble Shooting on the Fly

There are always things that happen in these types of sessions and it is good to be prepared for them as they happen.

One thing that tends to happen is the loss or inability to get audio working. Depending on who the person is that is missing the audio determines the priority of this. If the person that is having audio issues is critical to the meeting then the best way to start is by asking that person to go through the audio set up wizard which they can access from the Meeting menu. If this doesn't solve their problem the next thing you will want to have them check is the sound settings on their computer.
This is another place where depending on the importance for the individual that that is sharing their video determines how important this is.

Creating Users

Meeting Presenter

This is the level below a meeting host. This role would be if you would like to set up a meeting for a co-worker so that they could meet with their group of users. A presenter has most of the same abilities as a host however they can't create a meeting or add information to the library.

Meeting Participant

The lowest level of user is the participant. Basically a participant is the consumer of the information that the presenter is sharing. The participant can only contribute as much as the presenter and host have allowed them to. So they can usually add to chat, and take notes. However as a participant they can't share their own video or voice.

This might be good if you want to simply allow someone to observe a meeting, or perhaps while conveying information to a larger group of participants without having to engage them personally.

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